Welcome to Salt Lake Boerboels

"Salt Lake Boerboels" is located  at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains in Utah where the 2002 Winter Olympics were held. This environment offers four seasons with clean cold mount water to drink, fresh air, plenty of room for play, and exercise - the ideal environment to raise strong healthy Boerboels. 

(This is a view from the back side of Snow Basin where the 2002 winter Olympic down hill races were held)

We are a family owned business that is dedicated to the betterment and preservation of the Boerboel breed. This breed nearly went extinct!  What a terrible loss for the world if this had been allowed to occur.  It is few and fare between when you find a breed that suits nearly every life style need; from a couch potato, service dog, friend, athlete,  protector, etc the boerboel fills the need.The boerboel has been referenced as a "Velcro" dog, always wanting to be with its pack. Oh,  and your family is its true pack.

(Great vacation spot in Southern Utah)

Our family has had a menagerie of animals from very small gerbils, homing pigeons, rabbits, to large cattle and horses.  We have bred champion miniature schnauzers and still include them in our family pack. My sweet wife has had epilepsy most of her life and the seizures have begun to be uncontrollable. Her Miniature Schnauzers keep a good eye on her but still there was further need for her.   This caused us to begin the  look for a service dog. We became interested in the Boerboel after after my oldest son went to South Africa on a service and proselyting missions for the Church.  After reporting his experiences with the Boerboel I went to work researching the boerboel.  

Nearly 10 years later we decided to assist this mighty breed in a very strict breeding program.  However, There is a high cost to the breeding program; High Quality of food,  vitamin supplements, early socialization, obedience training, constant attention from the veterinarian, genetic testing, x-ray's, micro-chipping, registration, assessment scoring, proper housing, travel, and much, much more. By breeding and selling puppies we are able to properly fund the highest possible breeding practices that the Boerboel diserves.  Consequently, you benefit from all of this work by receiving only the best of breed for you and your family.