Breed Standard for the Male Boerboel:

The Boerboel is a big, strong and intelligent working dog. It is well balanced with good muscle development and buoyant in movement. The Boerboel should be impressive and imposing.

Male Boerboels appear noticeably masculine and females feminine. All parts of the body should be in proportion with the other. The head is the most important feature of the Boerboel, as it represents its total character. It is short, broad, deep, square and muscular with well defined cheeks. 




Bonanza (Afrika Bonanza)

  • 90.3% Appraisal Score AGE Appraised: 14 MONTHS SABT: 90.3% NABBA: 89.8% HDA2-A2 ED0-0 STUDBOOK
  • Special Thanks goes to D&K Boerboels for entrusting us with Aldo. He will be treated as part of the family.
  • We look forward to special things from Aldo

Balkan ALDO

  • NABBA Appraisal score 94.1%
  • Sire- Mighty Mason Storm, appraisal score SABT 91.1%
  • DAM- BALKAN Fiona, appraisal score SABT, 94.5%
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