This is not a PitBull, not a BullMastiff, these are Boerboels or the South African Mastiff

These are South African Boerboels. This is a true purebred South African Farm dog. Boer, is Dutch for Farmer. Therefore in Afrikaans the name Boerboel Loosely translated is the farm dog. In the 1600's it is believed that it's origination was  through multiple beading of local dogs Mastiff and bull mastiff and others until  we receive this wonderful dog the Boerboel. 

Whatever the ancestry of of the original breed the Boerboel we have today is a magnificent creature with different temperaments than a standard mastiff that may be aggressive.

"Here are 10 reasons why you should own a Boerboel:

1. The South African Boerboel was originally bred as a defense against large predators, and they have still managed to hold on to that title of being one of the best guard dogs in the world against predators or intruders. 

2. Not only in courage, but the South African Boerboel is one of the most agile dogs on the planet making them perfect as guard dogs.

3. One of the best abilities of Boerbole’s is the sheer tracking ability. Upon their first introduction as hunting companions, they were amongst those few dogs that could easily track wounded prey and return them to their masters without eating it themselves. This is one quality which many dogs lacked as even if they could track preys, they would end up eating them. 

4. Unlike many breeds of big dogs in the world, The South African Boerboel is extremely intelligent compared to its peers. Which makes it very easy to train them and keep them around the family.

5. One big problem that many mastiff owners face is their sheer aggressiveness and bad temperament, which is why many mastiff owners keep them at a distance from family members. 

The South African Boerboel is one of those mastiffs which has a very good temperament and is also excellent with children, which makes them one of the best pets you can have for your family as they are not only capable of guarding their territory fiercely, but they are also excellent companions. 

6. A big problem with many mastiffs is related to their health. Along with their ill temper, health has been one of the main reasons why many people avoid mastiffs, but with the South African Boerboel, it is quite the contrary. Boerboel is one of those dogs that have relatively good health and do not end up gaining too much weight, making them easy pet to keep in your home. 

7. Not only with family members, but Boerboels are also extremely easy-going with other pets in the house as long as they don’t pose a threat to the family members. Few Boerboels are known to be so gentle with other animals, that they also allow them to eat their share of food. 

8. When not spending their free time lazing around the house, Boerboel’s have an extremely high level of energy and playful nature which couple with their intelligence, makes them very easy to train. This playful nature is one of the main reasons that makes them one of the best stress busting dogs around.

9.Having short bristles like coats, these dogs are extremely easy to clean and maintain. If they get dirty during one of their play sessions, all they need is one quick dip and they will be more than ready to go for their next mud bath. 

10. The final and most important addition to our list of 10 very good Reasons You Should Buy South African Boerboel is compatibility with visitors. The biggest problem that many mastiff owners face is that their beloved friend charges at visitors as they perceive any outsiders as a threat. But with The Boerboel it is extremely easy to make them people friendly. This is another aspect where their easy-going nature and intelligence comes into play, as a proper introduction to your visitors will make your South African Boerboel more than happy to welcome guests. "

Post by Andile Smith