What Do I Feed My Dog?

I am so excited now that I have my Boerboel Puppy, I want the best for my new companion!  But what is best dog food for my fast growing, large boned, and heavy breed?
This can be a very frustrating and confusing on what to feed my dog, as there are so many competing dog food brands with many dog food catagories; large dog, small dog, puppy, non gmo, no grain, to mention a few. 

Do I feed Raw or  Kibble,  and what about vitamin supplements?


Feeding Raw

Salt Lake Boerboels prefer the RAW diet however, there are some real challenges to the RAW diet for your dog.  If this is the way you would like to go we would be happy to help you and answer your questions.



Additionally, as with any diet we may fall short. Therefore, we always use a supplement to insure that there will always be the required vitamins and minerals for the highest optimal health.

    Through our experience, we have found NuVet Plus provides this need!



Order NuVet Plus Click Here NuVet Labs.

Part of our health Guaranty  requires NuVet Plus to be given to your Boerboel.

Use the order code 45907.

Providing the order code will allow for proper reporting and keep you Health Guaranty valid.

If you need help placing your order please call :Salt Lake Boerboels at 801-941-1048 and we will help walk you through the order process.


Kibble Dog Food

We also are aware that the RAW takes a significant amount of time and effort. If for this or other reasons you find that you would like to use a kibble.  We have had good success with Hi Standard brand dog food: (I know... this is where everyone will start ... If you prefer something else that is ok. I am always open to hear your successes with this and other brands.)

Where do I get Hi Standard? Locate your dealer at this link   Hi Standard Dog Food  click for a larger image 




The following video is an awesome summary of all types of diets for dogs and reviews all the controversial debates of the food debate for feeding your dog.